Pilot Information


1st September 2021

Swansea Airport has regained its license and is now open to licensed traffic.

Swansea Airport is a Licensed airport on the Gower Peninsula is South Wales, Set in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty which is well known for its picturesque coastal scenery. The airport is open Wednesday  through to Sunday with fuel facilities and rest areas. 



No current active NOTAMs






Runway 22 - 1200x45m LDA (Concrete) Code 2 (Left Hand)

Runway 04 - 1200x45m LDA (Concrete) Code 2 (Right Hand)

Runway 10 - 824x30m LDA (Asphalt) Code 1 (Right Hand)

Runway 28 - 794x30m LDA (Asphalt) Code 1 (Left Hand)


Swansea is an Air-Ground Communication Service only and holds a Class G Air Traffic Zone

Swansea Radio: 119.705

Swansea Fire: 121.600 (Manned during emergencies only)

Aircraft booking PPR or requesting another enquiry should email: tower@swansea-airport.wales 

Rescue & Fire Fighter Service

Swansea Airport Operates the RFFS at Category 1 with 2 on remission.